Bridging Talent To Business

Our unique approach
North Bridge staffing isn’t satisfied with simply providing our clients with a candidate that fits a job title, because a position’s skill set varies dramatically depending on the industry involved.

The dedicated Account Executives and Staffing Specialists that make up our Industry Sector Teams™ possess an in-depth knowledge of the processes, cycles and trends that characterize individual industries – and they apply this substantial insight and understanding to the candidate search process. So, you’ll be matched with an Associate who will bring valuable expertise and experience from within their field – not just someone who matches a basic job description.

Our Associates appreciate our industry focus as much as our Clients do. Because it allows them the opportunity to further develop the skills and knowledge that give them the competitive advantage they need to grow their career.

We can fill the jobs from front desk to back office that keep your business running, day in and day out.

Reliable candidates with the expertise to take on these critical tasks, so essential to any firm.

We specialize in filling your legal support positions with exemplary, fully-vetted staffers.

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