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Refer a Client/Position
If you know of a company that is hiring and uses services similar to ours, please pass that information along. We’ll have a North Bridge account executive contact the hiring manager, and introduce our company. If that company then becomes a North Bridge client, you’ll earn a $200 bonus. There’s no limit to the amount of referrals/bonuses that you can receive.

Many of our client referrals come from individuals who hear about open positions, worked for (or currently work for) a company that uses services similar to ours, or have actually contracted or worked as a temporary employee at a company. The more information you can give us to pursue and convert that firm to an active client, the better -- so please try to provide as much of the following as possible:

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If referring a specific job with this company, please provide any information such as position title, position description, pay rate, etc. here:
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